CRM Software | Cloud Sales Software

A few years ago a change in company management created a desire to look at our sales performance differently. After a lot of discussions and brainstorming Marketing came up with a solution and proposed a vendor, A1 Enterprise. A1 Enterprise was brought in on the planning of the system and worked with all departments and our outside software firm to develop our Intranet. They did a great job in sifting through all data available in our system and pulling relevant information to store in a separate file that makes access all of the sales requests fast and flexible. Access is granted to users by the administrator and is available over the internet. They designed multiple reports that can be queried for current year and prior year for dollars, units, customer, or product for the current period, quarter to date, and year to date. The file is updated nightly so the reports are current to the prior day invoicing.

They have always responded in a very timely manner to any and all requests. I highly recommend A1 Enterprise.

Division Controller
Monterey Gourmet Foods